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iRobo Innovations Pvt. Ltd aims at revolutionizing the education system by empowering the students’ cognitive abilities so that they can compete in the contemporary professional environment. Based in Tamil Nadu, iRobo brings an excellent opportunity for everyone looking to benefit from top-quality robotics training. Regardless of the academic background and age, our robotics educational institute welcomes everyone interested in robotics training. Our curriculum features theoretical as well as practical training.

Robotics: The Most Effective Weapon in the Modern Arsenal

Robotics holds the power to define the future of the coming decades. iRobo’s training program aims at expanding your visionary power in combination with the problem-solving ability. The level of critical thinking defines the intelligence of a mind and our training aims at lifting your intelligence level; the most important feature that guarantees success.

iRobo Training Process

The training process at iRobo follows a well-designed and effective pattern to ensure the generation of the desired results. The process includes


At this stage, our expert trainers identify the customized training needs

Content Customization

The trainers devise the curriculum as per the requirements of the trainees


Teaching involves the explanation of the theoretical concepts in addition to the practical demonstration of all the vital hardware/software components


Our professionals follow the most effective training methodology to ensure flawless theoretical and practical learning. The methodology involves both, lectures and on-hands experimentation

facilitating learning

It involves the training right from the basics to introduce the students to the basics of robotics, followed by the understanding of the development boards, programming and STEM integration

Knowledge Acquisition

Once the basics are clear a student can easily make the robotics work by using creativity. Creativity alone is imaginative unless the basics aren’t clear to a trainee

Subject Teaching

We teach the basics of STEM fields and move on to the assembly of the development boards, the working of different components, GPIO electronics, Raspbian programming and so on and evaluate the students’ performance by judging their performance by putting their minds on a test in the practical scenario.

Assessment & Re-Orientation

Apart from the day to day assessment and evaluation, our trainers test their students for a final assessment by the end of the training to evaluate what each of their students gained from the entire training

Goal Achievement

Once the training is over, our professionals not only share their thoughts through evaluation but they also welcome feedback from their students and guide them in future by helping them in goal setting and goal achievement. It’s a long-term teach-learn relationship

We work hard to prepare every student for the adult life

Better Successful Future

So why waiting please reach us and join hands lets create new future by using the technology knowlege and rule the world

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