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iRobo Innovations Private Limited is an eminent firm to provide an revolution in our education system and to intend in the enhancement of the pupil to withstand in this fast moving world. iRobo is a growing robotics educational institute in TamilNadu providing robotics training despite of age, grades and with and without any educational qualification of the willing. We offer wide range of knowledge services and hands on training.

iRobo has well sophisticated, hardworking, subservient faculty who are renowned of specially designed training models and they will acompany you in your task and enable you to enhance and explore in the world of modern robotic technology. Eventually we tune up students with software based programming tools, and various levels of workshop and practical lab exercise.

iRobo is not only focusing on robotics but also spotlight on other technologies such as Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical & Aeronautical, IT & CS, Architect & Civil, R&D, Automation and so on...


'I Dream of building robot. Movies and stories in comics were fantasy. iRobo came at right time when I was dreaming on my robo. They encouraged my dream. I successfully completed my basic training'

Professor Jamaludeen

Retired Professor

'I approached them at their starting stage to know how to implement home automation and how to know its basics, and I came to know that they were going to start a summer camp in Neyveli. Then I attended their basic and intermediate level in summer camp. It helped me to know the overall knowledge in robotics and helped to understand the basics of IoT.'


Student of SCAD World School

Without much experience I came to iRobo classes. Few days are very hard but days kept rolling they began to inspire me I kept learning. Now I can draw circuits and build robo of my own.

Isabel Mackenzie

Student From Mahindra World School

'I like transformer so, I want to build a robo, Perosha mam thought me how to built simple robo and circuits'

Head master

Headmaster From SDA School

'I was approaching for LEGO aids. They were nice, but surendar and team explained what an injustice we are all doing to students/kids. To stop LEGO aids approach. Then we accepted iRobo class in my school premise.'