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Humankind has civilized from early, medieval and later. He cultivated from barbarianism to an well sophisticated an contemporary gentleman. Previously tuft hunter in the past proliferated into this prevalent mankind in associate with science and technology.

Machines are playing a major role in this cosmopolitan world. Though we could plot blindly so that the machines has overcome man with it latest upgrades in information technology. It’s been a privilege that our inventions has taken a place in personage’s livelihood.

iRobo is seen as an firm relying in automated machinery revolution. iRobo has motive is to bring to light the acquaintanceship between humans and automated machines that is robots. Upgraded skills are desired quality necessary for this modernized world and we are happy to be a part. Our firm stock’s up you up with proficiency with revolutionary supremacy.

Meet the Team

Our team is very passionate about teaching robotics to school students with low cost and high efficiency. Because we believe in right to education for all.


   Surendar Ramamoorthy

   Founder & Executive Director

“Follow you passion and dream, think the failures as stepping stone for success”

Mr. Surendar Ramamoorthy has pursued M.E in Powers Systems from Anna University and B.E in EEE from Jeppiaar Engineering College. He has handled summer coaching camp in RAAIF. He worked in Bisoftsols as Robotics Trainer and also worked in Foreview technologies as Project Engineer. He has handled many seminars to college and school students.

He has a good knowledge in the field of Robotics. Surendar is dedicated to expanding local technical achievement in the community, with robotics being center of focus.


Anto Perosha Vijay

Co-Founder & Executive Director

“Believe in you, trust in you, trust in others, help others”

Mrs. Anto Perosha Vijay has pursued B.E in ECE from Jeppiaar Engineering College. Robotics has always been an interest for her with projects ranging from competing in Battle bots, assisting in classes and community instruction through robotics programs. She has worked in Tata Consultancy Services and Vodafone Global Shared Services Pvt Ltd.

Perosha has sound knowledge in the field of Embedded Systems and Robotics. Perosha has handled many seminars to college and school students.