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The course helps the beginners to learn the basics of the robotics. The objective is the provision of STEM and Design training in an attempt to build the students’ skills and prepare them for the development level.

Science, technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is the collaboration of these vital fields to provide the basis for the advanced technological development. STEM, in the modern world, holds the key to the economic competitiveness and STEM education aims at building a responsible society by encouraging more and more engineers and scientists. It fulfills the increasing demand for the engineers and scientists and help economic welfare of the nation.

iRobo is contributing effectively to help the society compete well in today’s challenging environment. It isn’t possible without creativity, imagination, and courage to think out of the box and iRobo stands out in this regard because the training process focuses on sharpening the students’ innovative and creative abilities. STEM is the modern day power generator and every nation needs to incorporate STEM-based education at an early phase of schooling. Hands-on training helps the students to question their mind’s ability and polish their cognitive skills and prepare themselves to stand out by the time they reach the college level. iRobo’s Guided Discovery approach helps is helping the nation with the provision of an impressive and comprehensive STEM education.

A student can’t turn into an expert engineer unless he or she isn’t given freedom to experiment the tools, machines, and models in a practical environment. Hands-on training is the only way to get students involved. It excites the students and energizes them to take on the modern world’s challenges. It’ll let the students become familiar with the complex tools and methods and take them to a stage where they can use their creative power to master the machines and dictate the terms to ensure effective problem-solving.

Robotics has been credited as a vital addition to the conventional 3R's of the learning i.e. Reading, wRiting, and aRtihmatic. The fourth R i.e. Robotics, lets the students of the day lead the tech-oriented world. Integrating the STEM fields, robotics now becomes the most significant of the modern education.

Robotics deals with the most advanced technologies of the day. It has the power to

• Make learning more fun
• Engage and inspire the students and professionals
• Let students gain more practical experience
• Lay the foundation for the an impressive performance in at college and advanced level
• Polish creative skills
• Enable the students to devise effective strategies
• Educate students about teamwork and collaboration
• Clarify scientific concepts and their working
• Let students realize the significance of the integration of STEM fields
• Help students to make a mark in the professional field of their choice
• Open the doors to new opportunities
• Let students realize the power of technology
• Make students feel more confident and motivated
• Empower the students in the highly competitive contemporary world

Our Robotics for Kids class lets your kid think, plan and build a new robot with the help of his/her group mate while working with the open-source single-board Arduino computers and breadboards. This setup lets your kid’s creativity break lose. It helps your kid to properly understand the working of physics, algorithms, and math.

Once your kid’s robot develops into the desired shape, he/she enters the programming phase. This phase educates your kid about the implementation of programming concepts hence leading to empower your kid program and control the desirable robotic movements.

Once your kid achieve the target, the smile and charm on his/her face is remarkable and you’ll love to see it repeatedly. The rap-up activity by the end of each class reinforces the skills and makes sure that your kid is never going to forget the whole exercise throughout his/her life. You’ll love hearing the class proceedings from your kids every time you take them back home.

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