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The world’s a stage and every man must play a part and it seems true even after centuries when Shakespeare presented this thought. Every individual in this world is somehow unique and carries a purpose, responsibility or duty and it’s the individual who needs to realize that responsibility. Today, technology brings a newer face of the world and provides us with the opportunity to make a mark and become immortal through our service to humanity.

It is unjust to hold population responsible for lack of job offerings in the in companies and institutions. Opportunities are limitless and it’s the matter of being proactive. If you wait and keep waiting, you’ll be the loser. iRobo inspires you to learn and develop yourself with the help of the modern technology, working skills, and foresight of the future trends to prepare yourself in an attempt to shape your future as per your likings.

iRobo Librefrei Services

• Training
• Workshop
• Internship
• Inplant Training


It’s practical training allowing the students to gain practical experience. Our trainers focus on each and every individual and work hard on polishing skills of each and every student.

• iRobo training gives you the freedom to schedule the training dates suiting your routine
• We offer training to all School students in Grade 5 and above
• We offer training to all college students
• We offer training to corporate professionals
• We are here to train each individual interested in learning Robotics and related technologies


• The workshop brings you the opportunity to gain practical experience of robotics
• You’re free to set your own schedule for a workshop

Workshop Domains:
We have Various domains for workshop program .

• Robotics
• IoT (Internet of Things)
• Embedded System
• Web Development
• Android App Development
• Arduino Programming
• JAVA programming
• Python
• DOT NET Programming
• Cloud Computing
• Digital Marketing
• Machine Learning
• MatLab
• Blockchain
• Big Data
and more…

Note: We also offer customized training as per the requirements of the college

The iRobo Inplant Training (IPT) brings the latest technology to your doorstep and we give you the freedom to schedule the training hours and dates as it pleases you to avoid overlapping the classes of other subjects.

We’ll provide each student with a development kit featuring all the required components. The training features a total from 12 hrs. to 15 hrs. You can schedule these hours from minimum three to maximum six days. iRobo IPT also serve during the weekends.

Who can Attend

iRobo IPT is for ECE, MCA, CSC, EEE, IT, E & I, Mechanical and Civil professionals and students. We finalize the training module in consideration with your specific field of study or department.

The iRobo Internship program brings an excellent opportunity for the students to taste the charm of practical application of their skills and creativity. This programs provides the first step of the ladder to success by allowing the students to test their potential and develop their skills in a live situation.

Who can Attend

iRobo internship is for ECE, MCA, CSC, EEE, IT, E & I, Mechanical and Civil professionals and students. We finalize theprojects in consideration with your specific field of study or department.

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